Best Training Collars for Dogs

April 8, 2013

The German Shepherd is a powerful breed, so picking out a suitable collar that provides stability and control of your canine companion is highly important. With so many different training collars for dogs on the market, we have devised a list of collars that are particularly suited for larger breeds.

Dog Collar Restriction

If  You’re buying a collar for a new puppy, keep in mind puppies grow very quickly and purchasing a collar that doesn’t expand to fit your puppy can cause severe damage.Typically, you should be able to slip two finger between the collar and your dogs neck.

Training collars include, choke collars, head harnesses, prong collars, in addition to a new collar that’s quickly gaining popularity, the illusion collar. Bellow are examples of each type of collar as well and benefits and downsides to each.


Different Collar Types

Choke Collar Choke Collars





This is your standard choke collar. Remember to measure your German Shepherd’s neck before choosing your collar. Also, choke collars are typically not adjustable so they should not be bough while your dog is still a puppy.

Prong Collar



Prong Collars



The prong collar is meant to simulate the pinch of the dog’s neck, similar to the mother, or alpha dog’s pinch in a dog pack. The Collar should be worn high on the neck. Many collars come with extra links to add as your dog grow. You also have the ability to remove prongs as well.



Head Harnesses



Designed to stop pulling on the leash and make walking your dog a pleasure. Comfortable, kind, safe, but be sure to properly fit the collar to protect your dog’s jaw


Illusion Collar_




Illusion Collar


Designed by Cesar Millan to sit higher on your dogs neck and give you greater control of your furry friend. Also, the collar is adjustable so as your dog grows your german shepherds collar can adjust.

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